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We have field sales support all across Canada. Our corporate offices are located in Toronto, Ontario. We also support regional sales offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal.

We also cover U.S. Alaska/Florida and the Caribbean with an office in Miami, FL.

30+ Years Experience

Advantage Sales Network was incorporated in 1998 to service the industrial power transmission marketplace.

Solutions-Based Sales

Our strategy goes beyond transactional selling by placing a strong emphasis on understanding and meeting the specific needs of the customer.

“Advantage Sales Network is a sales and marketing agency that makes a difference. From a manufacturer’s perspective, providing a consistent message to customers is essential. With the continuing consolidation of the distribution business over a wide geography, efficiencies are lost using multiple agencies. Conflicts also happen when ‘wholesale’ agents/distributors represent product lines on behalf of a manufacturer. At Advantage Sales Network, we keep our business focus away from a ‘buy and resell’ situation. No other Canadian agency provides dedicated nation-wide field sales support and warehouse capabilities to the power transmission market. Our vendors agree that the ‘Outsource Alternative’ has the proven results and successes they anticipated. Whether introducing a new line or building on existing business, we do it right the first time. Our track record says it all.” 
Steve O’Brien, Owner & President

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Professional Sales Resource

for Power-Transmission Products


Our strategy centers around the customer's needs, concerns, and objectives.


We prioritize your needs and best interests.

Needs Analysis

We strive to understand the root causes of challenges and the desired outcomes.

Needs Analysis

The right products for the right applications.


World-class manufacturers of high quality, competitive products.


Complementary product offerings

Full Service

Warehouse services, market studies, pricing programs, and advertising materials

Full Service

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