Product Lines

3 phase AC/DC motors to 800 hp, inverter duty and metric (888) 311-1889
(905) 455-6061

HERA (High Efficiency Right Angle) gear drives,
mounted bearings, farm accessories, speed reducers, gear motors, worm/helical reducers, shaft mounts, right angle gear reducers, custom gearing and engineered specials
(888) 661-1889
(905) 455-6061
Critical, highly engineered gears, gearboxes and pinions for the natural gas & oil, mining, centrifugal compressor, transportation, food processing, construction, marine, plastics and wind markets (414) 962-3532
(414) 962-7574
Roller, leaf, conveyor and engineering-class chain, and products and components for wastewater treatment facility equipment

Between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm Eastern Time:
(Portland, Oregon office)
(800) 241-8209
(770) 424-9145

(800) 544-7943
(503) 228-6703
Power transmission sprockets, sheaves and gear racks (888) 325-1888
(909) 923-5080
Since 1948, Burke Industrial Coatings has specialized in engineered coatings systems. Most of our technology has been centered around water based, high performance coatings, utilizing 316L grade stainless steel flake embedded in the coating to provide unsurpassed performance in demanding environments. (800) 348-3425
(360) 887-8825
Dart Controls, Inc. Since 1963, USA-based manufacturer of analog, digital and brushless DC drives, controls & accessories. (317) 873-5211
(317) 873-1105
Electromagnetic direct-acting spring-set brakes (414) 672-7830
(414) 672-5354
Screw Jacks, Actuators, Electric Cylinders, Stainless Steel Jacks, Metric Jacks, complete lifting systems with controls.
Select protective boots, limit switches, encoders and special finishes or allow Joyce to customize products to meet specifications.
(800) 523-5204
(937) 297-7173
Power transmission components: couplings, torque limiters, keyless locking devices, measuring systems, precision joints, engine bell housing kits and pump mounting plates (800) 872-9101
(219) 872-9150
Established in 2012 as the Master Distributor of Dow Corning standard sealant products and Moldmaking products in the Americas from a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Kentucky, USA. (855) 264-9021
(270) 765-2262
Lifetime Pulleys are a molded, durable, glass-filled nylon sheave with stainless steel bushings designed for highly corrosive or high moisture areas. Pulleys are available in 1-1/2", 2-1/2" & 3" sizes in a variety of stainless steel mounting brackets and our pulleys come with a Lifetime Warranty! (800) 613-7283
(605) 225-3367